Hey Mike,

Heres a quick auto setup script for getting the hidden line wireframe shader created in one click. There are a few bugs at the moment to look out for but I will fix them up in time.

1. There needs to be an image plane in the scene for the shader to be created - I assume you wouldn't want to create this without already having a scene setup
2. The projection node wont auto detect what camera you want to project from so that needs to be manually selected in the imageplane_passthrough node in the hypershade
3. You still need to manually assign the shader to the objects you want to render.... 
4. It does not contain render settings as yet. I will attach that as a separate script to avoid setup conflicts
5. There can only be one imageplane in the scene.. I will fix this later on

At a base level it works with motion blur and no extra comp is needed, works straight from the box! as I said I will keep working on it as its not perfect now but it does work and no need to go to nuke for comp...


Andrew Palmer - Visual Effects Artist
Mb. 0433359030



#Vray hidden line wireframe shader auto setup v1.0 - 2012
import pymel.core as pm
#Create all the nodes we need for the network
#Shader Nodes
WFS = pm.shadingNode ('surfaceShader', asShader=True, n = 'AJ_HL_WireFrame')
VET = pm.shadingNode ('VRayEdges', asTexture=True, n = 'Vray_Wireframe_tex')
pm.connectAttr (VET + '.outColor', WFS + '.outColor')
#Projection Nodes
PROJ = pm.shadingNode ('projection', asTexture=True, n = 'imageplane_passthrough')
PFILE = pm.shadingNode ('file', asTexture=True, n = 'ip_link')
PTEX = pm.shadingNode ('place3dTexture', asUtility=True, n = '3D_tex_cam')
PFILE2D = pm.shadingNode ('place2dTexture', asUtility=True, n = 'PFILE_2D')
#connect up all the projection nodes with the image plane link
pm.connectAttr (PFILE + '.outColor', PROJ + '.image')
pm.connectAttr (PTEX + '.worldInverseMatrix', PROJ + '.placementMatrix')
pm.connectAttr (PFILE2D + '.uvCoord', PFILE + '.uvCoord')
pm.connectAttr ('imagePlane1.imageName', PFILE + '.fileTextureName')
pm.connectAttr (PROJ + '.outColor', VET + '.backgroundColor')
#set attributes for projection and render
pm.setAttr (PROJ + '.projType', 8)
pm.setAttr (PROJ + '.fitType', 2)
pm.setAttr (PFILE + '.useFrameExtension', 1)