Why "Nice Guys" Fail With Women
   I have a lot of guys write me to say, "I know
this girl who's beautiful and smart and
attractive. She and I are great friends, we have
everything in common, and we get along
perfectly... but she says that she's just not
attracted to me..."
   Have you ever noticed that:
1) The most attractive and interesting women seem
to be attracted to men who don't treat them very
2) That the "nicer" you are to a woman the more
she often seems to act like "just a friend" to
   What's going on here? Didn't mom say to be
"nice" to girls?
   Here's the deal: Women aren't usually
romantically attracted to "nice" guys. Women are
attracted to men who are funny, confident, and
mysterious. Good looks don't hurt, but if you're
not 6'4" tall and model-handsome, then you have to
learn how to attract women with your personality.
   And being "nice" isn't going to do it for you.
   A while back, I mentioned an interesting book
that was written about the band "Motley Crue".
Remember those guys?
   Well, the book is called "The Dirt: Confessions
of the Worlds Most Notorious Rock Band." As I read
through that book, I realized that these guys have
dated more of the world's most attractive women
than anyone (except maybe Hugh Hefner).
   In case you didn't know, the guys in Motley
Crue are not very "nice". They're famous for
taking every drug known to man, beating their
women, fighting, and having a lot of people die
around them.
   Now, the first thing most guys say is, "Yeah,
but they're rich and famous..."
   And this is true, they are rich and famous.
But, and it's a BIG ONE... all of the women that
they have dated, married, and beaten up are ALSO
   These are supermodels and playmates of the year
and such. These women can date whoever they want.
Tommy Lee was MARRIED to both Heather Locklear AND
Pamela Anderson... remember?
   These women didn't need Tommy Lee for his money
or his fame... they're dating these guys for some
   Are you with me on this?
   So what's going on here? And more importantly,
how can you use this information to be more
successful with women and dating?
   First of all, don't go out and start taking
drugs and beating up your dates. I mean, I know
that an occasional woman will drive a man to
drink, but I don't recommend going "Motley Crue"
on a girl... lol.
   The first chapter of my book "Double Your
Dating" is called "Women Don't Make Sense". Here's
what I mean...
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   I believe:
1) Women make decisions very, very quickly about
whether a man is going to be "just a friend" or if
he has romantic potential, and once her decision
is made, it's probably going to stay made.
2) These decisions are made "subconsciously",
meaning that women make all of them quickly and at
a "gut level".
3) If you know how, you make her feel attraction
feelings rather than "friend" feelings.
4) The way to do it is to stop acting "nice" and
start acting, well... something else... and I
don't mean "not nice".
   So what DOES attract women? And how do you do
it exactly?
   Good questions...
   At the beginning, I mentioned three qualities:
Funny, Confident, and Mysterious.
   Before I talk about each, I first have to
Remember that.
   Here's a good metaphor: Remember when you
learned to drive? It all made sense... turn the
wheel left and go left, turn it right and go
   But do you remember when you learned to back
up? Backing up was a whole new game. Everything
that used to work now works in a different way. At
first you  feel disoriented. Turn the wheel left
and go right... and you have to learn how to
maneuver with the back wheels staying straight
while the front  wheels turn... all with your head
turned around.
   For most people, this takes some time and
practice. But once you "get it" then you can do it
anytime you want.
   Well, women are very similar. At first it's
very confusing. You have to try things that don't
seem to make sense. But once you get the hang of
it, then you see how it works and can make it
work... just like backing up a car.
   As much as many women would hate to admit it,
there's something very attractive about a man who
is just a little more confident than he should be.
And if you combine this with the right amount of
humor, you have a magic combination that will
charm almost any woman.
   Here are a few ways to use this idea:
1) When you first meet a woman, tease her about
something. It doesn't matter what it is, as long
as you do it early on. For instance, you might
say: "So what's with the big purse? Are you
carrying a gun in there?" or maybe "Those are some
pretty tall shoes, what are you like 4' tall
without them?" If you tease a woman, it shows that
you're not intimidated by her, and that you have a
fun sense of humor. KEY: Make sure you say
something FUNNY. If you don't know how to be
funny, get a book on it. The test: If she's not
laughing, then it wasn't funny!
2) Look around at other things and seem kind of
pre-occupied when you first start talking to her.
Make your funny remarks with a carefree, detached
tone. You want to sound like you're talking to
your best friend. Attractive women are approached
all the time. It's not attractive to a woman when
you look like you've just met Madonna. This "just
a little too confident" attitude is very
attractive to women... especially when it's
combined with humor.
3) Don't answer her questions directly. Women love
to ask questions like: "What do you do?" and
"Where do you live?" and "Tell me about your
family". Answer with funny answers, and don't give
her what she wants. Most guys say, "Oh, I'm an
engineer" or "I'm a stock broker". BORING,BORING.
If she asks what you do... say, "Oh, funny you
should ask. I'm a Calvin Klein Underwear Model...
What do you do?..." (This is especially funny if
it's OBVIOUS that you are NOT a model) Do you get
it? Keep it up and keep her laughing.
   It's important to remember that I'm not telling
you to be mean, or to be a jerk to women. I'm
telling you to start being confident, funny, and
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