Dual Perception Playback with Fileplayer



The purpose of Fileplayer is to allow two Perception video disc recorders mounted in the same Intel chassis to play back in sync. Previously, GPI common start or Sony Deck emulation were used, but Fileplayer is much better.

Unlike a dual stream M-JPEG card (Matrox DigiSuite, Perception RTX, Targa 2000 DTX, etc.), the dual Perception/Fileplayer methodology uses an external video switcher. The Panasonic WJ MX50 or MX12 are good choices, and the Videonics MX1 is also used.

Here are some keyboard shortcuts added for new functionality:

  • "m" = film mode enable
  • "n" = film mode disable
  • "2" = Open 2nd PVR clip
  • "z" = Enable MultiPVR 

 11-24-99 trim version



4-30-99 upgrade


I think I have it all corrected now. I even added a drive letter to the pvr1 and pvr2 paths so the user can remember which PVR they should be on.

Here's how you should use it...

  1. From the FileManager, Windows Explorer or the Desktop, double click the .pvd clip on the P:\ drive. Fileplayer will open with the clip ready to play.
  2. To add another clip from the Q:\ drive, click on File/Open 2nd video clip. Navigate directly to the Q:\ drive and load the 2nd .pvd file
  3. Once two files are loaded, you can change either file, leaving the other one unharmed by using the file\open 2nd pvr file, and file\open 1st pvr menu options.
  4. Unload Video unloads both PVR 1 and 2.
  5. It doesn't matter which pvr is considered pvr 1 and which is pvr 2, but once one clip is loaded into PVR 1, the other PVR must be PVR 2.( I think that makes sense).
  6. The length of the shortest clip is used no matter which way you load it, this way looping works properly.  
  7. If the first clip is shorter, the second clip gets truncated, and all is well.

There is a basic offset function which will allow the two clips to have different In-Points. This is accessed with the Set Trim In buttons. An improved version is planned that will allow finer trim control. Presently, it is difficult to set the in-point earlier than the current setting.

Variable integer fps can be entered, or the Fileplayer will run at 30fps/24fps.


Be sure to not use hypens "-" in Perception Folder or file names. Rather, use the underscore "_". The hyphen is not a DOS character and will sometimes cause problems.

Fileplayer is prone to BSOD. Try not to have more than one player with the loop function depressed. Multiple Fileplayers can be open at one time.

PVR 2.61 Player

The standard PVR 2.61 player is available for download, and will assign to either the P:\ drive or the Q:\ drive, as selected by the user. Two PVR Players can be open at one time, and each PVR card can operate entirely independently. For example, one PVR can be in GPI record, while the other could be in BVU or serial playback. Genlock is also independent.

If you wish to interlock the P:\ and Q:\ drives, use Fileplayer. Multiple Fileplayers can also be open.

Suggested hardware

As of April, 1999, the Tyan Thunder 100 motherboard is suitable for Dual Perception setups. This unit may be purchased from Computervice or other dealers.

The Tyan Thunder 100 motherboard is equipped with the following features:

  • Built in Ethernet, SCSI, Soundblaster chip, dual Pentium II slots, AGP and 100 MgHz BX chipset
  • Lots of free PCI/ISA slots available

The Tyan will need the following parts installed:

  • Two (2) PII 266 MgHz or faster CPU
  • 128 Megs RAM
  • 4 gig SCSI system hard drive
  • 8 Meg Open GL AGP VGA card, such as Diamond Fire 1000 GL Pro
  • Windows NT4.0
  • 3.5" floppy drive
  • Internal Zip
  • Internal Jazz
  • SIIG IO1843 dual PCI serial card
  • Two (2) Perception PVR/AD-2500B Video Recorder w/ Capture card
  • Two (2) Perception RS-422 Adapter part #804-001
  • Two (2) AV harddrives 9 gig, as Seagate ST39173N
  • One (1) Perception render accelerator FX-2500
  • Adobe Premiere 4.2 or 5.1 and/or Razor 4.7s


  • Adobe PhotoShop 5.0
  • Arriba 1.2 software
  • Two (2) PVR-BX Perception Breakout Box
  • For stop motion puppets: Perception 804-004 Animate Play & Grab Keypad

Com port



P:\ drive BVU/GPI


P:\ drive serial frame


Q:\ drive BVU/GPI


Q:\ drive serial frame

 You will also need a suitable switcher, such as the Panasonic WJ MX50, along with YUV monitors and video distribution amplifiers.


PVRtoy is for variable speed playback. It is largely replaced by Filepayer

Avsoft also makes a slow-mo controller for the Perception