Kuper wish list



  1. Fix Pushin
    1. If you MouseJog the Virtual axes, the Pushin stutters
    2. If you right click the Pushin button, a dialogue box would allow you to slew a relative distance.
    3. Pushin should display relative position from "home"
    4. Pushin Pan and Tilt would operate in "local" space
  2. Kuper to Houdini serial streaming.
    1. Object handle declarations should be easily retransmitted from within Kuper
    2. Multiple serial ports should be selectable from within the SE command, i.e. COM1 for frame #, COM2 for positions
    3. http://www.x-plane.com has some single object serial streaming conventions. Perhaps Kuper could stream those formats as well.
    4. Real-time axes math, similar to your motion base work.
  3. Comment line
    1. Comments can be written into a comment buffer at any time using a EC command (edit comment).
    2. Comments can read/write into both ASCII and binary Kuper files
    3. Comments should start with "#", NOT "//". This allows compatibility with C shell scripting and TCL.

  4. TechnoCrane virtual mode
    1. When in Mechanical Concepts Rotating boom nut, arm length should be allowed to change.
    2. Arm length should be allowed to change when using Data logging kinematics (i.e. Technocrane Data Logging)
    3. Z lens offset is set in Nodal parameters, but it would be nice if this figure could be variable with focus nodal point movement.
    4. Non applicable parameters in the nodal parameters window should be greyed out, (i.e. if the model offset is turned off, the offset values should be greyed.)

  5. ASCII save in CGI native formats. This is alot of work for you, and DD already has UNIX converters. Your other customers may need it, though.
  6. When importing a linear ASCII move in Input File Centered Blur, the last frame drops off to 0. Seems okay in Centered Shutter Closed
  7. GoToStart, GoToEnd and GoToFr# should tell the operator where the motor destination position will be. This will avoid crashing.

  8. Velo should be real velocity in units/sec in both the Main screen and in the graph editor.
  9. A stepper driven camera should be able to be rolled at anytime, and then later have the move start up in phase with the camera. Requires alpha testing at DD.
  10. Velocity encoding should have speed limits.
  11. When encoding focus, when you move into Playback, the focus puller's encoder distance marks get out of sync. Kuper should remember the encoder's "home" at all times.
  12. Redistribute command should also redistribute keyframes, as well as the move itself.
  13. Semi-closed loop stepper work.
  14. Windows long file names
  15. Timecode audit should be a channel on the main screen which would go into record or playback (now it is hidden away on ch#57 which can be seen on NU, but not on Tables or Parallel axes.



Older list

Mars Kuper needs

  1. Serial to CGI good, but needs update declaration
  2. Fix Pushin, Right click Box for GoTo Pushin position
  3. Real-time Add
  4. TechnoCrane virtual modes
  5. ASCII save in CGI native formats 
  6. IC command has variable delay before firing Perception
  7. GoToStart says where it is going to


  • Finish SIIG dual serial out scheme

Virtual axes

  • Three additional synthetic modes should be available. TechnoCrane and Vampire modes and over/under.
  • Data logging should have TechnoCrane, as well
  • Non applicable parameters in the nodal parameters window should be greyed out.
  • Quaternion functions should be available.
  • Plug ins should be available.


  • When using the GoToStart, etc, Kuper should display what the actual position that the preroll will bring the axes to.

  • Velo should be real velocity


  • A stepper driven camera should be able to start at anytime and have the move later start up in phase.
  • The IC command should allow a variable delay before the CapOut to the Perception is fired. The present delay is 1 millisecond, which fires the PVR early.


  • XY graphs should be keyframable (like LightWave, Illuminaire, etc.) along with a velocity keyframing.
  • Windows NT 4.0 would allow LightWave, etc to reside in the same chassis and OLE.
  • Standard Windows "cut, paste and paste special" operations should be possible.
  • AxesMath should be procedural, with history.


  • Real-time "adds" of encoded data to previously keyframed data should be possible.
  • Velocity encoding should have limits.


  • Genlock should be possible at harmonics of the input sync signal. For example, a video signal would come in at 29.97fps; the move should be genlocked at 3.74 fps. 24fps cameras should genlock to a 29.97 video input with a divide by 4/5th mode.

Save and Load

  • Comment lines should be embedded in the file. The comment could be entered at any time with an EC (enter comment) command, not just when saving.
  • # In ASCII files at tail for comment
  • MKDIR from within Kuper, DOS shell
  • Kuper should read and write moves in the native format of other CGI systems.

Houdini/Kuper needs

  • Conversion of the Crow kuper2lw, prisms2kuper, etc. TCL scripts into NT scripts or C++ programs
  • CHOP for Kuper streaming position serial input into NT Houdini
  • Methodology for motion control shots with 2D Z translation added in post.
  • Bitchin' "Boomerang" scripts written for Houdini.