From: Joanna
Sent: Sunday, January 10, 2010 7:01 PM
To: _Alice_MM; _Alice_stereo
Cc: Joe
Subject: creating a cache for characters

here's the play-by-play, doublechecked by Joe  - thank you! :
*note: do the caching BEFORE you move the matchmove geometry in world space
-select the mesh
-isolate selected
-select all polys in the UI
-got to Polygons tab menu
    -> Mesh
- select the combhined polys mesh and call it, for example, <MH>_combine  (for Mad Hatter, or abbrev for whichever character we're caching)
- Duplicate the combined Poly mesh we've created
- call the duplicated mesh <MH>_cached
- shift select the combined mesh and the duplicated mesh
- go to the Animation tab menu
        -> Create Deformers
            -> Blend Shape
-   use World default
-   turn the blendshape up to 1
-  select the <MH>_cached
- go to Animation tab menu
        -> Geometry Cache
            -> create New Cache
                -> hit Apply
 -  after it cycles through the frame range to create the cache, delete the Blend Shape
it's recommended to export out the newly created cache and bring it back in.
           * If you intend to keep working in the current scene you can just delete any remnants of the character besides the <MH>_cached
 * you can also separate out elements in the newly created cache.