Reconcile info from 3DE, using the 3DE Export Nuke CornerPin2D Node Stereo Stabilizing python script

On 5/29/12 6:48
I have a question about the "Export Nuke CornerPin2D Node Stereo Stabilizing v1.3" function in 3DE:

Is the resulting cornerpin node meant to be applied to the distorted or the undistorted plates?


Well, the current version of that script works on *distorted* 2D/3D point positions. That means:

- track the raw footage in 3DE
- export the corner pin

Inside Nuke:

- apply the cornerpin to the raw footage
- undistort the resulting image are the results? Are there any problems?!

We could potentially add an option to that script which would allow it to operate on *undistorted* 2D/3D point positions instead (which means that the order of nodes within Nuke must/could be reversed)!



On 3/5/12 8:00 , Michael Karp wrote:
I'm trying out the 3DE Export Nuke CornerPin2D Node Stereo Stabilizing.

Does it also require undistort nodes or is it stand alone?

Rolf from 3DE: It does not undistort anything. It tries to align one plate to the other using a (4 point) cornerpin node.

Is the full homography best?

Rolf from 3DE:  Well, it will align plate A to plate B in the most "aggressive" way possible. Most likely something you don't want, since you will lose almost all i/o and the convergence point will be highly different...

You probably want to use one of the "y" modes, which will ensure that the original i/o & convergence stays untouched.

Does it work with the undistort plates out of a Maya scene/render or is
the script purely for reconcile of stereo eyes. Is it going to try to
undistort twice?

Rolf from 3DE:  Again, it does not undistort anything. It uses the tracking data present in 3DE (either 2D tracking or backprojected 3D points) to compute a 2D alignment (pure reconcile only)...

Let me know how it goes!