3DE mocap instructions

Are there multiple sync'ed (witness) cameras available? If yes, then use the latest version (r2b4). Here is a rough workflow:

 - import all (sync'ed) sequences, thus creating multiple camera objects

 - make sure that they all run on the same frame rate, have the same length, and are properly sync'ed to each other (frame 1 of each camera shows the same moment in time)

 - create a camera point group and eventually track (common) environmental points in all cameras to position them properly to each other in 3D space

 - create at least one mocap point group and track as many (actor-) points as possible in all cameras

 - enable synchronization mode for all cameras (attr. editor->camera->synchronization).

 - do some necessary parameter adjustments

 - calc all from scratch

 Please note that if all cameras are static/locked off, then it is not necessary to track any points within the camera point group...